Report on research:“Strenghts and Difficulties of Children at Nest Centres in B&H”


In foundation has published the Report on research named: “Strenghts and Difficulties of Children at Nest Centres in B&H”. Report has shown that children at risk, due to very unsafe and unstable family environment, burdened with multiple risk factors do have lower self-esteem, problems in emotional domain, conduct problems, and problems with peers, and perceived as hyperactive.

Although there are no significant difference between referral and group of children at risk in academic achievements, life aspirations of children at risk are lower than in the group of their peers.

Protective factors like safe and secure place, care and supporting relationship with adults, good role models, support available in critical life times and access to support service can play significant role in overcoming problems in functioning, therefore, Nest centres can play important role in preventive activities in child social environment.

Research report Strenghts and difficulties of children at Nest centres in BiH